What is SEE Global?

SEE Global is a Mentoring network to develop Healthy Churches

 God has raised up the local church to be His primary instrument for building up His people and for reaching those who do not know Him. We believe the best desire of a local church is to be a healthy expression of the biblical picture of the church.

 In seeking to help churches pursue biblical health, we focus on these principles. We do not emphasize four areas to the exclusion of other biblical truths; rather we see them as essential markers for identifying church health.

Biblical Preaching – a healthy church will be rooted in faithful exposition of God’s Word.

Biblical Leadership – a healthy church will exercise leadership that imitates Jesus model of servant-hood.

Disciple-making – a healthy church will be active reaching its community and growing mature disciple-making disciples.

Gospel Centered Community – a healthy church will pursue biblical community that exalts the grace of the gospel.